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Entry #5

Making Collabs!

2009-12-26 18:49:02 by 1Voodoo1

I am just starting to make collabs for different things. If you would like to be in a collab email me at about it.

The different collab topics could be:
Stickman collab
Blob Collab (nice ryming skills, huh?)
Sprite Collab
Minigame Collab
Teddybear Collab (making fun of them, not caring for them)
And More

If you are interested in being a part of any of these collabs (animation, sound, game, etc) email me and ill fill you in on the information. Or use the comments box and give me your email in there and ill email you about the collabs. IMPORTANT: You do not have to have any Flash cs4 knowledge! You can work the sounds or give some jokes or make the menu. Even I can teach you how to use it if you want. Remember: all People that helped will be credited no matter what.


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