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Making Collabs!

2009-12-26 18:49:02 by 1Voodoo1

I am just starting to make collabs for different things. If you would like to be in a collab email me at about it.

The different collab topics could be:
Stickman collab
Blob Collab (nice ryming skills, huh?)
Sprite Collab
Minigame Collab
Teddybear Collab (making fun of them, not caring for them)
And More

If you are interested in being a part of any of these collabs (animation, sound, game, etc) email me and ill fill you in on the information. Or use the comments box and give me your email in there and ill email you about the collabs. IMPORTANT: You do not have to have any Flash cs4 knowledge! You can work the sounds or give some jokes or make the menu. Even I can teach you how to use it if you want. Remember: all People that helped will be credited no matter what.

wow i really think i gots the hang of this!

2009-10-29 21:32:23 by 1Voodoo1

ok i submitted a game called YOUR nickname, and it got blammed a lot of times, but this time i really think this one wont get blammed. added a longer intro, and more nicknames. And its actually looking like something i would play. But i cant submitt it until 14 more days is past. It got blammed to many times.

Be glad!

The longest news post ever (Info about it on .:Update:. #2)

2009-09-10 19:30:17 by 1Voodoo1

I might get PhotoShop, I might not. So I am giving away the beginning of the story here. A boy named Hermat was scolded by his mom while playing videogames. He was forced to go outside. While he was around his neighborhood, he finds a doll. "Wow, a worthless piece of junk" he said. But he still brought it home. He was once again scolded by his mom a few days later and he went outside again with the doll. This time he got really angry. "I wish this thing were mom" he said to the doll, and stabbed it with a needle. A few hours later he went back inside and asked, "Mom is it ok if i come back in now?" There was no answer. He said, "Well shes probably just out for a jog or something... Man I'm hungry." He went to the kitchen and couldn't believe his eyes. There was his mom on the floor, dead, with a strange hole in her. He whispered, "Oh no." under his breath, looked at his doll, and ran out the door.
And theres the beginning of the story. I will keep adding more to the post box every few days. And I will say this now. Since I am not making a comic out of this anymore, I will allow any flash maker to make a flash movie out of it, but you have to follow the storyline and give credit to me. And another thing, nobody can make a comic out of the series because I might be able to IF I get PhotoShop. So any flash artists that are in need of a story, use this one. And if you need more of the beginning for an episode, just wait for more of the story every few days.
Cya! 1VooDoo1

P.S. let me know if your going to make a series or movie out of this in the comments!

Try and beat my Spewer!
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.:Update:. #2
As you have probably noticed, I am trying to make a really really really long news post. If there was a world record, I would try to beat it. I'll keep you updated on how many characters I have remaining. Right now: 29,960
(Counting the numbers that I just typed in and what I'm typing now)

.:Update:. #3
If your a fan of Runescape and love gameshows, check out my Youtube channel!
And I just love this picture of Spewer, so I'm gonna keep it there as long as I can.
Characters remaining: 29,710

.:Update:. #4
Another Spewer called Mushroom. All you have to do is climb it.

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character remaining:29,171
.:Update:. #5
Hey look another Spewer!

ZLXsvIU9b8OExX2b8TPTG0b3T3QrpX9hBg9ZHb rWl/fPj6fXt8+vFVZaI7J9TStG8Cm5uvjgyLF8 2iGh+ugQoiHBV3YAhV90hJlfI6KndEbEIPi8AV VmBlWmQ1h83FjxlRH45cKUoypmwsIk2kFFZr+J qsc5P/A059eSgXzWo46QsOZUDqJowm4BFY5hTB +vlgAlNS7AGZDOnzajRhAmI1mAtC1JIHWj+U6z zwg0152o2WG6l4UilRZW70NIijgy0xuSMAY0i7 eHYPZ0qY9mtR12lGmheqvdhTQIs+yXeljEZArz IdKK31r4Z8SpyQ4O0mi/RDXpfrXr9DAa7dgqP8 LXySTVPFVz6tnaOi9ZX0eZ7u3J/V+ifp61vTc3 rcmSKvEaRt2tpRM9oyLxCdrRGklPaUcnkUJQCY cUipXaOJWWMa5LNKSU2rjknvHUqQqR4w9KYifU n7k/OQcWUmhG6kCVOnA2lOwIsEo0isS+KckqpS u5B5J7IHkEkkeo66l/Mv93anXl79dJVZFFbl45 FJ0Ww2F2WPp4JP1e3/L5BmJ5Ay8=

Characters Remaining: 28,447

.:Update:. #6

Spewer Level: OMG! THINK FAST!

eNrt08FuwyAMANBfae+RZWNsQNy707TLzpF66z Rpl+3/NQNqk2hJ2jU9VuH0wA4YQx3d+DlZHLg4 cyVwZTwjn5GPiLzpy2+vL/vd++nj63N3OH7/7D MhZs5MlkQlizBIx4Ehdb5DkH5GHIEWIkiyYj4m iDXSbSdFaOl5O7GWTT7O0DZ6D7EyhOtEAWL5Jd rM/8hBmJKLWGrKGkA2k0+Ad5FTIJNol7wsrZ/G RGItyJrAnzNRJJDpqjnyDGwioBch8FOx27GWq9 U/C7UTD5RiredIoloGVh0aVX25uUKX5xLrmuH8 grWFRuJDS7wqUu93lPivcDvX+BHOUH3sVkPX5/

Characters Remaining:27,991

.:Update:. #7

New Spewer Picture. Made it myself. XD
...It looked so much better in paint...

Characters remaining:27,850

.:Update:. #8

Even though it got blammed... Thank you everyone who gave me helpful tips with my test flash!

Characters Remaining: 27,704

The longest news post ever (Info about it on .:Update:. #2)

New series in the making!

2009-08-31 19:41:50 by 1Voodoo1

I am in the making of a new comic series called Voodoo, a story of a boy who finds a magicle voodoo doll. Be on the lookout!